Following the release of her recent single “Transport God” and the launch of FMU Records,  Alexandra Scholler, famously known under the moniker Alison Wonderland, showcases what her most recent project Whyte Fang is made of as she shares a deeper look into her forthcoming debut LP, GENESIS, officially due for release on April 14th. The fourth single from the project, “SCREAM,” crowns famed Flatbush Zombies member Erick The Architect as her first album collaborator. To further celebrate the release of “SCREAM,” and continue building the hype surrounding the GENESIS LP, Scholler and the rest of the FMU Records team are throwing an official label launch party tonight in Brooklyn, New York. The event will feature live performances from a slew of FMU Records-signed artists, including Jon Casey, Dabow, sumthin sumthin, VILLA, Aliiias, and a look into Whyte Fang’s refreshed live set, as well as a sneak peek into what GENESIS has to offer. “SCREAM” is out now via FMU Records.


Whyte Fang brings her intoxicating production style and invites Erick The Architect’s explosive vocal on the new dark, hip hop-influenced single “SCREAM”, which serves as one of the four collaborations on her upcoming GENESIS LP. This offering, alongside past singles including “Girl,” “333,” and “Transport God” highlights the versatility of Whyte Fang’s musical and production ability. Between the hip hop-drenched vocal drizzle and electro-charged trap melodies, “SCREAM” gives us an explosion of intricate synth patterns paired alongside simplistic yet eccentric drum patterns creating a roller coaster of trap-infused sounds. With each of her tracks, Whyte Fang guarantees a production that is completely individual and inimitable, with “SCREAM” being no exception.

Erick and I have been friends for a long time and working together was well overdue, I absolutely love working with him. He is a true artist. It was an honor and a privilege.”  – Alexandra Scholler (Whyte Fang)

Over the span of less than a year, Scholler has shown immense success with both FMU Records and Whyte Fang between a string of successful releases on the label, a sold-out warehouse party highlighting both Whyte Fang and all FMU-affiliated talent, her forthcoming Whyte Fang (Live) Coachella debut, and an incredibly versatile LP, GENESIS, due for release on April 14th. GENESIS will feature a plethora of different sounds, pumping a dark ambiance, and shattering the ceiling of what she’s capable of. 

I met Alison years ago in a super unexpected way but nonetheless I knew I was meeting someone I thought I’m gonna be friends with beyond anything music related because her energy is 1 of 1.  I’ve been following her journey and while I was rooting from the sidelines, I always wanted to do something with her that would bring both of our worlds together.  “Scream” came about pretty organically; she told me she was working on this new project and I was down immediately!  The track has this really big sound and I wanted to match it vocally with some energy that would build up this kind of suspense and tension that would go crazy at a live show.  Alison’s music gives me the freedom to say shit like “chinny chin” and I really love having that freedom with her!” – Erick The Architect

ABOUT WHYTE FANG – Whyte Fang, is a dark electronic project from the mind of Alexandra Sholler (better known as Alison Wonderland), the first-ever WF live show occurred as a secret headliner for a Brownies and Lemonade event at LA’s State Historic park in late 2022, the first ever publicized show arrived on September 21 at the Roxy in LA. The show sold out on the first day, the buzz is real. 

Alex has been creating more industrial electronica for years but hasn’t felt the time was right to release any of it until now. Alex says “I have decided to release this music separately to Alison Wonderland because I want these beats to live in their own primal world”. To create that new world, Alex has given life to an indie project she started back in 2011. The Whyte Fang project won’t be constrained to one single genre, paired with a dark electronic ambiance, it gives a unique and fresh take on the current dance scene. The second single “333” dropped on September 8th, just before the first-ever headline Whyte Fang show. The production-heavy and cutting-edge live experience is a huge focus for this project. Showgoers will be transported into an alternate universe guided by THE Whyte Fang. With an album slated for a spring release and New York + Coachella performances on the way, the Whyte Fang project has only just begun.