Will Clarke ‘Sometimes You Gotta Let It Go’ Factory 93

The underground sensation is offering up his follow-up single on the Factory 93 imprint.

Will Clarke is making his highly anticipated follow-up appearance on Factory 93 Records with his latest offering “Mirage,” a booming techno single riddled with peak-time sensibilities.

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In addition to having quite possibly the greatest beard in techno, Will Clarke has proven himself to be an unstoppable force in the underground realm. The dance music stalwart has been rubbing shoulders with some of the most reputable camps in the techno space, on top of building his own empire by way of his ever-growing All We Have Is Now imprint. In between his hectic show schedule and busy release calendar, he’s now heading back over to Factory 93 with his sophomore single, “Mirage.”

Will prompted a firestorm of “ID?” requests when he dropped it in his live-streamed Escape Halloween set last fall—and for good reason. “Mirage” brings together ferocious, chugging low-end and an instantly memorable melody that modulates constantly throughout the arrangement, fine-tuning the energy to create an absolute bomb of a track. It’s been, by all accounts, one of the standout cuts tucked away in his secret stash and will continue to create an uproar on the dancefloor as he powers through a relentless run of international dates from his current Spring tour.

“I’ve been excited about this record to come out for a long time and I’m super happy it’s coming out on F93,” says Will Clarke. “I love how they are growing house, techno and all the genres in between from America.”

“Mirage” marks the first official release Factory 93 has opted to press onto wax, with the new single being coupled alongside his debut outing on the label. “Sometimes You Gotta Let It Go” is gracing the B-side, the brooding and pensive techno affair he cut loose last September. The ‘Mirage / Sometimes You Gotta Let It Go’ vinyl is being placed in select shops throughout Berlin, Detroit, the United Kingdom and beyond, so be on the lookout for a copy during your next dig.

Will Clarke’s new single “Mirage” is available on all platforms via Factory 93 Records. 

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Factory 93 explores the intersection of untethered creativity and bold self-expression, while never taking its finger off the pulse of the underground. When Insomniac broke out its figurative bolt cutters to dismantle the lock on the warehouse scene and return to its roots, it retold the story of its origins in hosting historic parties in the streets of Los Angeles. It also gave birth to a movement where discerning heads are living on the frontlines of celebrating radical ideas through the fusion of immersive live art, cutting-edge technology, and exceptionally curated house and techno. That vision continues to hold the same ground, even as the brand has grown and extends beyond the Downtown Los Angeles warehouse district, where it was originally conceived. Whether it’s at an intimate warehouse space or on a festival dancefloor, Factory 93 manufactures moments that make this culture one we’re proud to call our own.

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