Wolter Wythe “Down With You” ft D-Lish – A Captivating House Anthem Remade From Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down”

Player Zero Records presents its newest offering: Wolter Wythe with the release of their single “Down With You” featuring D-Lish today (November 18). With its mesmerizing vocal by D-Lish (the new music alter-ego of creative director Dominic J West), punchy beats and velvety house bass lines, this modern day remake of Brandy’s 1994 classic track “I Wanna Be Down” is an anthem in the making.

Listen to “Down With You” featuring D-Lish here:

Watch the lyric video here:

As D-Lish, West–who is known for his work as creative director and event producer for many of today’s most fashion forward names including Tyga, Dixie D’Amelio, Saint Jhn, Guess, Gypsy Sport and more–finds a new artistic avenue in music, with “Down With You” as his first offering. 

“I’ve always loved this track by Brandy – she’s the goat,” shares D-Lish about . “Now I get to perform it as D-Lish and I am free to explore other lanes of my creativity.”

Look for an evolving cast of unique talents to contribute to this new dance music project that is Wolter Wythe.

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