XP Music Futures demonstrates huge potential for Saudi Arabia’s growing music industry

– Three-day music conference organized by MDLBEAST is amplifying the music and creative scene across Saudi Arabia and the region
– Panel sessions at XP Music Futures included women representation in the industry, streaming revenues, and insights from David Guetta, DJ Khaled, Hardwell, Amy Thomson, Mathew Knowles and more
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Thousands gathered at XP Music Futures, a three-day music conference organized by MDLBEAST to amplify the music and creative scene across Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region. The conference welcomed over 190 speakers from across the globe.

David Guetta, DJ Khaled, Hardwell, Amy Thomson, and Mathew Knowles among others joined to learn more about the rapidly developing new music ecosystem in the MENA region and share insights as Saudi Arabia’s music scene will play an important part in opening up the country and diversifying the economy.

Held at Riyadh’s JAX District over three days, XP Music Futures’ range of discussions, workshops, performances, and networking opportunities have helped grow talent, build the regional scene, and advance the creative economy. A total of 76 sessions, a 46% increase from 2021’s inaugural edition, have taken place at this year’s event.

Nada Alhelabi, Strategy Director at MDLBEAST, said:
 “The Middle East and North Africa is the fastest growing music region in the world, with Saudi Arabia playing an increasingly prominent and vital role in this rise. XP Music Futures is a platform that nourishes and enhances the burgeoning musical and creative scene across the Kingdom, bringing together the creators and talent makers who play an integral role in ensuring our industry thrives and evolves.

At the core of so much of our everyday experiences, the universal language of music exerts a powerful influence in bringing us all together – transcending national and societal boundaries. This year’s edition of XP Music Futures showcased how strong the music industry in this part of the world can become and I look forward to furthering our dreams, plans and ambitions.”

In a country where 2/3 of the population is under the age of 35, engaging with this population through the medium of music is a factor in connecting with the world. Global music sensation Guetta, appearing at a fireside chat ahead of his SOUNDSTORM set this weekend,said: “I am delighted to be here at XP Music Futures and SOUNDSTORM at this fascinating point in Saudi Arabia’s music and cultural journey. I am looking forward to delving deeper into the Saudi rave scene, which I believe really has its finger on the pulse.”

Guetta’s positivity about Saudi Arabia was firmly echoed by another popular worldwide performer. Grammy-award winning DJ Khaled, also appearing at SOUNDSTORM 2022, told XP Music Futures:“I’ve never been to Riyadh before, but I’ve been dreaming for this day to come. Not to just perform but to be with the people.”

With a speakers’ gender split of 46% female to 54% male, and the percentage of regional speakers at 56% compared to 44% international, XP Music Futures is a true testament to diversity.

When the sun set on XP Music Futures, XP NITE offered an exclusive peek into Saudi Arabia’s bouncing underground scene, enabling revelers access to breakthrough innovations, talented artists and homegrown party brands. More than 130 artists are performing at XP Nite sessions across seven different event stages during the three-day extravaganza.

MDLBEAST LLC is a music entertainment company committed to growing talent, building the regional scene, and advancing the creative economy. MDLBEAST was established following the success of its flagship festival, SOUNDSTORM, in 2019.

Through its focus on artists and talent, MDLBEAST is building a talent infrastructure and providing them with opportunities which put them on global stages. Similarly, through owned events and experiences, content, conversation, fashion, and more, MDLBEAST is helping to build a thriving, and economically sustainable, music community in and for the region. MDLBEAST operates under its three corporate arms: XP Music Futures, MDLBEAST PRESENTS and MDLBEAST Record Label.

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