yetep and Josh Rubin Reflect on Better Days With Emotive Single “Remember” on Lost In Dreams

The L.A-based teams up with lauded singer-songwriter Josh Rubin on his next single for Lost In Dreams.  

The forward-thinking electronic producer yetep teams up with revered singer-songwriter Josh Rubin on “Remember,” a reflective melodic bass single issued on the ever-growing Lost In Dreams imprint.  

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Continuing to leave his fingerprints all over the minds of the melodic bass community, yetep is touching down on Lost In Dreams with yet another captivating release. “Remember” marks his third appearance on the label, this time enlisting the enthralling vocal prowess of Texas-based phenom Josh Rubin. Plunging into the throes of romantic suffering, their new single is based around the thought of replaying the greatest hits from a relationship in hopes of mustering up the courage to power through a rough patch. Rubin hits every forlorn note with unbelievable grace, as he urges his lover to focus on the memories from the magic bubble when they first met. Moody keys glimmer amongst a backdrop of drifting pad lines and intermittent snare and kick hits. Once the ardent hook “I want you to remember” sets in, yetep skyrockets the somber mood into the heavens with his melancholic production.

“Every relationship has its ups and downs,” says Josh Rubin. “It’s how you handle those low moments that defines it. This song is about remembering those good times and using the love that’s grown from them to pull you out of the darkest times.”

Hailing from Texas, Josh Rubin has been juggling the success of his recently launched indie dance-pop solo career with the nonstop feature requests that continue to flood his inbox. For more than half a decade, he’s hopped on vocals for an impressive roster of artists, such as ARMNHMR, KLAXX, Fransis Derelle, and Pixel Terror. His emotion-packed vocal delivery has previously graced a couple of Insomniac Music Group catalogs, teaming up with Syn on “Voice” for NIGHTMODE, and most recently roped in by REAPER to fuel frenetic drum & bass fire of “RUNAWAY.” 

Peter Hong is the brains behind the yetep moniker. He’s a Korean American musician that has been consistently building a buzz on the back of his innovative and community-focused sound. Aiming to constantly push the limits of his genre-blending artistry, he’s found a fan in some of the most respected names from his field, earning support from Excision, Adventure Club, Manila Killa and Tritonal. Since debuting on Lost In Dreams last year, Hong has offered up two sensational singles that tugged heavily on the heart. In 2021, he joined forces with fellow Angeleno Danny Olson and vocalist EASAE on the poignant, orchestral-driven collab “Melting.” He followed up the debut nearly half a year later with “Lullaby,” a soothing ray of positivity that brought on L.A-based singer David Frank. 

“Remember” results in an unforgettable partnership between yetep and Josh Rubin. Much like the song’s invitation to reminisce on the good times of the past, this new single will hold a special place in electronic music’s collective memory. 

yetep and Josh Rubin’s new single “Remember” is available on all platform via Lost In Dreams Records.

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