Yongolailan ‘Ọ̀SUN’ EP

Havana, Cuba-based duo Yongolailan, made up of Carlos Martinez and Rafael Rodriguez, have signed to Ultra Records and are releasing their second OSUN EP, out today. Following the release of their latest EP YEMAYA, only a couple weeks ago, the ingenious duo are back. The three tracks that constitute the EP open with “ORO SECO,” an intriguing track that weaves tribal chants, distorted vocals, synths, and drums to induce a trance-like state unlike any other. Whereas “LOVE IS EVERYTHING” projects a breathy, disco-esque spell that is interwoven with lyrics underscoring the importance of love, lending itself to the track’s unique varied sound. The third and final track on the other hand, “IYA MI ELE,” pulsates with the sound of waves, synths, and African vocals. This EP builds on the success of the duo’s previous release, undoubtedly propelling them towards further success. 

Listen to ‘Ọ̀SUN’