Young Bear, Bearson, and Young&Sick – Bright Red Lips

Bearson has teamed up with Young Bear and Young&Sick to bring us their new track “Bright Red Lips.” In Bearson’s most recent release from 2020 “Feelings,”he joined Swedish-vocalist HART to deliver a heart-fluttering tune that depicts the too-well-known struggle of trying to open up to someone about your feelings when you’re hurting. The 24-year-old artist/producer hails from Oslo, Norway, but has developed his sounds all around the world. “Bright Red Lips” opens with an effervescent beat which lends itself to the feel-good lyrics. With “Bright Red Lips,” Bearson further establishes himself as a producer with a well-defined and influential sensibility. Emotions run high with this catchy track that will be stuck in your head for weeks. 

Listen to “Bright Red Lips”