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Asher Postman x Disero x Annelisa Franklin - Say ile ilgili görsel sonucu

AMSTERDAM, July 12, 2019 – Some link-ups are just a perfect match in every way, and we’ve gotten ourselves a sterling example right here. A slice of awe-inspiring collaborative magic from Asher Postman (known for his Trap Remix of the Walmart Yodeling Kid), Disero and Annelisa Franklin, ‘Say’ offers such an immaculate summer vibe the whole world’s got to know.


Listen to Asher Postman x Disero x Annelisa Franklin – Say


Following last year’s collab between Asher Postman and Annelisa Franklin (‘Going To The Sun’), ‘Say’ sees Canada’s Disero enter the fray for an instantly familiar brand of EDM downtime not shy of making its pop intentions felt. The song’s vibe covers poolside sunsets, honeyed vocals, unspoken love in the air, classic acoustic strums, and ultimately the potential to soundtrack either a summer’s worth of lazy days or where nightfall becomes up close and personal.

Asher PostmanSay’ came about in such a unique way. I had an old instrumental demo that I sent to Annelisa, and she wrote the ‘Say’ topline to it, which I soon realized was better than my instrumental. So instead of finishing the initial project, I took her vocal track, grabbed a guitar, and wrote chords over her voice. The next thing I did was make a beat and started messing around with a snippet of her singing the word ‘Say’, and that’s how the drop section came about. Even though nothing was fleshed out yet, I instantly felt like this song was going to be very special. Soon after, I sent a rough demo to my friend Disero, and we worked together over the next months to finish the structure and complete the song.” 

Disero:“’Say’ is as a heartfelt song about navigating the trials of young love. Too often, we hold back how we truly feel about a person or situation, expressing regret out of anger and frustration, and masking compassion with a tough outer shell to protect our pictures of who we think we are. Annelisa puts these points across with great finesse and artistry, and Asher and I did our best to convey that emotion through the music. I hope you all enjoy ‘Say’ as much as we enjoyed putting it together.” 

Annelisa Franklin: “I don’t think I realized it at the time, but the lyrical content of the song came from a very real place, and it wasn’t until Asher and I were talking about the months later that I realized how vulnerable those lyrics really were. I love the song even more now because of that. I hope listeners can relate in their own ways.“

Industry buzz came quickly for Michigan’s Asher Postman via his viral YouTube videos, which saw him rack up 20 million views for ‘Walmart Yodeling Kid [Trap Remix]’ and 10 million views for ‘Dubai Was Lit [Trap Remix]’. These videos, as well as Asher’s unique songwriting and production aesthetic, caught the eyes and ear of Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music. The 21-year-old producer, who has gained a following of over 225K subscribers, now steps out from his YouTube channel to release his first official single in the form of ‘Say’.

A Canadian DJ, producer and musician, Eric Disero began playing the piano at the age of 9 and has explored many musical genres over the course of his career. After graduating from Carleton University with a degree in Jazz Piano, he established himself as an innovative producer and musician, producing official remixes for Linkin Park, MUTEMATH, Great Good Fine Ok, and Before You Exit. Eric went on to produce ‘Changes’ by MUTEMATH, gaining over 6 million streams on Spotify, and his single with Conro entitled ‘Like You Love Me’ has amassed over 7 million streams.

California-born talent Annelisa Franklin is a surprisingly experienced singer, songwriter, recording artist and performer for her young age, having written, recorded and copyrighted over 145 songs to date. After a seven-year run as the lead singer in sister dup Franklin Avenue, she reinvented herself as a solo pop artist. Now, twenty years of age and on her own, she’s realizing her unique musical vision with sophisticated songs like ‘Sinatra’ and ‘Here For The Weekend’.



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