Zac Tenenbaum releases latest single “Adult Films” 

The release features TwoWorldsApart and ilayda and was released on 6 August via Embassy One.

Zac Tenenbaum has teamed up with TwoWorldsApart for his next single, “Adult Films“. The groovy dance hit features vocals by the German singer ilayda, who’s already collaborated with Tenenbaum for his sophomore single “Just For The Night”. The original was released early August and is followed by Zac´s Paris 99 Edit – a homage to Daft Punk

Listen to “Adult Films (Paris99 Edit)”

Watch the colourful video for “Adult Films” (Original Version)

Compared to his previous two releases, which had more of a poppy chilled out vibe, “Adult Films” features heavier, more distinguished beats and dance-heavy melodies. The track also highlights TwoWorldsApart’s love for bass-heavy music and their aim of getting back to their House Music roots. 

Born in Tijuana, raised in a Jewish-Orthodox community in Paris, Zac cut his teeth as an accordion player on a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea.Due to seasickness, he changed plans and started working as a pool boy in a Miami floor show. After leaving his apprenticeship, where he was working under the famous Saul Sanchez producing the worlds most luxurious Panama hats, Zac was bouncing onto the scene like a disco ball at a bar mitzvah.

Tenenbaum’s and TwoWorldsApart’s “Adult Films” is bound to be stuck in everyone’s ears for the rest of the summer!