Zodiac Links Up With Vannah For New Single ‘With Me’

BIJOU’s esteemed imprint Do Not Duplicate Records, is thrilled to welcome back dance music’s newest enigma Zodiac with his latest single ‘With Me’. The latest from the mysterious and talented DJ and producer is a mesmerizing collaboration with captivating vocalist Vannah Pereda, and is poised to take the dance music world by storm. Following his explosive debut on Do Not Duplicate Recordings with the hit track ‘Upside Down’, a collaboration with rising Canadian DJ and producer Stund, Zodiac makes a triumphant return to DND recs with his latest sonic masterpiece, ‘With Me’. Demonstrating his signature blend of minimalist elegance and pulsating bass, ‘With Me’ is a perfect representation of Zodiac’s musical prowess. Promising to be a chart-topping hit from the rising star, ‘With Me’ out now and available to stream across all platforms via Do Not Duplicate Recordings


Zodiac’s latest offering ‘With Me’ is a tour de force of electronic dance music that showcases the enigmatic producer’s unique musical range and versatility. The track opens with lush, entrancing melodic synths that immediately grab the listener’s attention, before Vannah’s captivating vocals enter the mix, perfectly complementing Zodiac’s signature sound. Audibly boasting a minimalistic, pulsing bassline, the track builds with rhythmic intensity, creating an irresistible groove that is sure to ignite dance floors everywhere. ‘With me’ represents the evolution of Zodiac’s sound, blending his influences from techno to house into a seamless, cohesive whole that is both innovative and timeless. Dance music fans and club goers alike will be undoubtedly captivated by ‘With Me’, which promises to be a chart-topping hit for the rising talent and an essential addition to any playlist.

“I’m very excited to get “With Me” into the hands of the fans and community. It incorporates some new directions I’ve been experimenting with in my sound design and it was a pleasure working with Vannah and her team to make something special. Big thanks again to the gang at DND Recs for their support of my project!” – Zodiac

““With Me” is such a vibey fun track, had a blast writing it. Was great working with Zodiac finally! Thank you to him and his team. Hope everyone has fun dancing to this one.” – Vannah

Zodiac’s new single ‘With Me’ is just the tip of the iceberg for the rising star. Known for an innovative and genre-defying approach to electronic music, Zodiac has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the dance music scene. With an ever-growing fan base eagerly awaiting his next move, Zodiac is poised to make even bigger waves in the coming months with a slew of exciting releases that will push the boundaries of electronic music even further. From his dynamic live performances to his meticulously crafted studio productions, Zodiac is a true visionary who is constantly pushing himself and his craft to new heights. With his latest offering, fans are left keeping their eyes and ears peeled for more to come from this enigmatic and electrifying artist.

ABOUT ZODIAC — Appearing on the electronic dance scene in 2021, Zodiac is the culmination of some of the brightest minds behind bass label leaders at Icon Collective and Night Bass Records. While few know his background and even fewer know the face behind the mask, none can deny that the introduction of Zodiac onto the electronic music scene has begun to draw an almost cult-like following seeking to understand the enigma behind the helmeted figure. An avatar of minimalistic elegance and digital revolution, Zodiac stands poised to make his debut as one of the most influential artists in the new decade. A man of few words, Zodiac represents the synthesis between our physical world and a rapidly evolving digital space. In a new digital age dominated by topics of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and online networks, Zodiac acts as a virtuoso; ushering his listeners closer towards the beauty of the future and all the changes that come with it.

ABOUT VANNAH — With her unique sound and style, Arizona native Vannah Pereda is on her way to the top of the pop world. Before releasing her latest single “Toy Story”, Vannah and her two best friends, pop producer Jack London and singer/songwriter Daniel Turley, worked with entertainment giants like mega producer London On Da Track and global artist Pink Sweat$. After her work behind the scenes, she is ready to come center stage and release her own music. Stepping out in the spotlight for her first collaboration, Vannah was on stage at Goldrush with DJ BIJOU singing their soon to be released track “Fantasy”. She was also featured on “Brighter” by Relentless Beats upcoming artist BARDZ. The Pop EDM song has gained much popularity, quickly being added to several playlists like “Kygo: Palm Tree Playlist” With her anticipated EP coming out later in 2020, “Toy Story” will show us a glimpse of what this sultry songstress is all about. Collaborating with producer Jack London and singer/songwriter Daniel Turley, “Toy Story” is a melodic pop song mixed with gritty trap/r&b elements, confessing her unconditional rules to her love. Like her song “Toy Story” Vannah is ready to lay it all out on the line and show the world she will fuel the heat in the summer of 2020.