10 years of Boysnoize Records by Lil Internet

Watch the official documentary on 10 years of Boysnoize Records by Lil Internet

Boys Noize has celebrated the ten year anniversary of his label, Boysnoize Records, by staying as busy as possible. As his imprint’s tenth year draws to a close, director Lil Internet has released a short documentary to recapitulate the past year’s extensive tour, as well as the history of the label as a whole. Lil Internet and Boys Noize collaborated most recently on the chaotic music video for “Cerebral,” Boys Noize’s collaboration with Pilo.

Staying in the same vein as his “Cerebral” video, Lil Internet’s recap does not follow a standard documentary format. “The tour was a dizzying journey across the planet, and I tried to convey that feeling aesthetically in the video,” the director says of his final product.

Lil Internet’s documentary features interviews from producers and friends who have worked with Boys Noize, as well as clips from Alex himself. 2manyDJs and Club Cheval make appearances to discuss their histories with the producer, while Djedjotronic, Strip Steve, and a number of other BNR signees discuss their induction into Ridha’s cadre and their careers since.

Interviews are interspersed through concert footage, bizarre quasi-sensual scenes, and a heavy dose of Lil Internet’s characteristically hectic editing, which successfully conveys the sensation of experiencing Boys Noize’s aggressively abstract music.

Alongside the documentary’s release, Boys Noize proffers a heartfelt note:

“This tour has been really special to me. We’ve had so many crazy wild nights, but most important being with a crew that respects & loves each other means so much. To see so much support from our friends, DJs, promoters and fans all over the world is simply amazing. THANK YOU xox”