Citing “ethical and moral disagreements,” Afrojack has parted with his manager of three years, Hugo Langras, owner of Dutch management firm Montana ECI.

The split apparently happened more than a month ago, but was not made public knowledge as Afrojack’s name is still present on the firm’s website. “I have no idea why they still use my name on the website,” he says. “I’m not supposed to say that, but, there you go. You can see for yourself.”

The company also released a statement on the matter:

I can confirm that Nick wants to part ways with Montana ECI BV. Nick and I have had a very pleasant and extremely successful relationship for the last six years. Since we have several agreements in place that were closed with an eye to continuing this relationship for many more years, actually arranging this departure is complex. Our lawyers are working on a solution. I do not want to harm this process, so all I am willing to say is that I categorically deny that we had any moral or ethical disagreements. We have a business dispute. As Nick states himself in his interview with you, he wants to leave Montana ECI to try and do his own management and has started a firm which is involved in the same business as Montana ECI. I wish him all the best with his efforts. He is an amazing talent and a true visionary and I am certain he will be very successful. I am confident we will find a way to separate as friends.

The Dutch artist has already amassed a significant number of colleagues that will help him with social media, legal work and financials in the transition. He hopes to use his influence and stature to kindle young artist development. He also wants to help the artists he personally supports by giving them supporting roles on his tours.

“It’s really good to be able to give the experience that I have to other artists, and where there are questions to actually given them answers. Because when I started and I had questions, there were never answers.”

Even bigger than that, Afrojack is building his own company, and it all starts behind the scenes.

“I already set up my own back office, so there’s a group of great people around me that are helping out with social media, financial and legal stuff,” he says. “I’m really focused right now to create what I feel is necessary from a company standing by an artist and artist needs.”

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