Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell return to Symbolism with the ‘Vingla EP’

The follow-up to 2021’s ‘Laxunge’ EP sees the duo deliver four tracks that riff on different shades of classic techno sounds. Opener ‘Comun’ is a heavily shuffled rattler that sees rich synth leads vie for space and occasionally bust through the track’s tightly wound groove. The sinister melodies and thundering percussion of ‘Pondus’ follows before the staccato, tunnelling vibe of ‘Vingla’ takes us into robust, late-night territory. Closing things out, ‘Kulminationen’ goes for gold with maximum grit and tempered aggression, rounding out another impeccable EP from the pair.


Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell’s ‘Vingla EP’ is released on Symbolism on July 29th.


01 Comun
02 Pondus
03 Vingla
04 Kulminationen