Knock2 Relaunches His Festival Anthem With VIP Edit of “dashstar*” for NIGHTMODE

Knock2 is reaching escape velocity on his latest release, “dashstar* (VIP),” a supernova-sized update of his festival-approved banger, which is set to blast off as part of the eighth season of releases on NIGHTMODE.

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The San Diego-based producer must have been bitten by a creative bug recently, considering the jaw-dropping quality of his most recent stints on NIGHTMODE. His hot streak started off at the top of the year with “PARANOiD,” a white-knuckling bass house cut that saw him making a bold move into a more melodic-oriented space than usual. He followed up that effort superbly a few months later, raising the temperature to inhospitable levels on the appropriately named “getting’ hott.” Each of these pulse-pounding singles allowed the dancefloor to feel every ounce of his unstoppable momentum. For his next appearance, Knock2 is taking the people back to square one by relaunching his debut single with NIGHTMODE in the form of this extraordinary VIP. 

There are not enough words one could throw around to describe the hype that “dashstar*” has received throughout its nearly year-and-a-half-run. It has been a go-to record for dance music’s elite, with names like DJ Snake, JOYRYDE, and Tiësto playing it out to an earth-shattering response still to this day. Currently sitting at over 5 million streams, the track was also the second most played song at EDC Las Vegas—not to mention, an obvious highlight for knock2 when smashed it out during his set for the NIGHTMODE showcase on one of the festival’s beloved art car stages. 

A bona-fide crowd-favorite, the single is now ready to take on its newest incarnation through an insane VIP edit.  It works in a few new tricks here and there, without losing too much of its original appeal. The original lead is still the star of the show here, only knock2 strategically ramps up the suspense via a teasing build before the cosmic riff is met with its roaring call-and-response. To make matters even more unforgettable, the track eventually slows down to a snail’s pace for the final section, wrapping up the affair through a chopped-and-screwed outro. It has the word “showstopper” written all over it, and it won’t be surprising when this new version has this year’s festival season hooked in the same way that the original did the first time around.

“‘dashstar*’ has taken my vision for no limit, high-energy house music further than I ever imagined. The VIP is really a celebration of all the original has achieved.”—Knock2

Knock2 Bio

Knock2 has been a name skyrocketing around the industry for some time now. 2021 was a massive success for Knock. From releasing his festival hit ‘dashstar*’, stellar debut EP ‘2HEARTs’, to touring with the Sable Valley crew, his journey has only gotten better and better with each step! He even got to share the stage with Flosstradamus at EDCLV 2021. Completely exposing his raw and organic talent to the whole world. Making his path of riches shine brighter than ever. And now, with this new single, he’s amping up his talents and creativity to brand new heights. Leveling up with every second and turning his world upside down in the best ways possible. 2022 is the year of no limit. 

NIGHTMODE, part of Insomniac Music Group, is founded by Twitch streamer and content creator Tucker (Jericho) Boner & Daniel Goudie (of Disciple Recs & Rare Breed).