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An Interview with Kerem Selek

An Interview with Kerem Selek

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FYS: Tell me about yourself?

KEREM SELEK: Hey,It’s Kerem Selek from Turkey.I born in istanbul and i am 20 years old.I played lots of instruments like;drums,guitar(electro and bass),keyboard etc.. Last 5 years i am dealing with production and Dj performancing.Edm,future house,deep house,g house is my profession.You can find my latest songs on soundcloud and you can follow me from instagram to see more.

FYS: Tell me please how you begin with music and deejaying?

KEREM SELEK : Nature is music for everyone in my family.If you a selek your first gift would fiddle.Everyone in my family for many years dealing with music that was what impressed me most.First i played drums in my school band for many people on big stages thats why i am not ashamed on a stage.A summer time,my friend taught me how to do production and i’ve developed my self for years.

FYS: What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?

KEREM SELEK : I realized while playing my own songs in my latest performance against the 9 thousand people that I was born for this job

FYS: Did the DJing, Production, Promoting come 1st?

KEREM SELEK : Production promoting come 1st

FYS: Yours favourite musicians and songs?

KEREM SELEK: A big fan of Oliver Heldens favourite song is Wombass.

FYS: How do you see the scene 5 years from now?

KEREM SELEK : I hope that the next place i deserve.

FYS: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!