Andrew Bayer ‘Duality pt. 1’ Out now on Anjunabeats

The first of a two-part album project, Andrew Bayer’s ‘Duality pt. 1′ features ten tracks spanning indie-pop, downtempo, modern classical and ambient, including collaborations with Asbjørn, OLAN, Grandfather Machines, Vök, Run Rivers and more. ‘Duality pt. 1’ is out now, while ‘Duality pt. 2’ releases on October 26.

Listen to ‘Duality pt. 1’

‘Duality’ is a deeply personal project to both myself and the fantastic collaborators who brought this album to life. It began as a homage to my first album, ‘It’s Artificial’, but evolved into something much more vulnerable with a grander scope. That’s when I knew it had to be split into two parts to do these stories justice.

‘Duality’ pt. 1 explores the home-listening electronic music that I have always focused on for my previous studio albums, but with a twist. I wanted to merge classic trance sounds with indie-pop, which links both parts of ‘Duality’ together. Thanks to all the collaborators for bringing these songs to life” – Andrew Bayer

You can listen to ‘Duality pt. 1’ now wherever music can be found and streamed, and stay tuned for ‘Duality pt. 2’ in October!

For the vinyl collectors out there, triple gatefold vinyl copies can be pre-ordered now via the Anjuna Music Store.