Armin Only Australia Latest Victim in SFX Troubles

Armin Only Australia Latest Victim in SFX Troubles

SFX continues to leave lots of unhappy ravers in its wake. You’ve heard aboutTomorrowWorld and you’ve heard about Spring Awakening‘s troubles. We also told you about Stereosonic and its troubled owner Totem OneLove that in turn is owned by SFX. Well Stereosonic is not the only thing Totem OneLove manages. While the promotions company has put its Australia home office up for sale, many wondered what would happen to the rest of its upcoming shows. The group also sponsors many artist tours throughout Australia, including Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren.

Now it appears that Armin van Buuren’s Armin Only Australia dates in Sydney and Melbourne have been cancelled, made official through the Stereosonic Facebook page.

Originally Armin had reassured Aussie fans that new dates and plans would be announced soon, but all of those comments and posts have been scrubbed from the Armin OnlyFacebook page. It remains to be seen whether the Australian leg has been completely scrapped or whether something else will happen. This is yet another huge disappointment for dance music fans in Australia who have watched as their scene was decimated over the last year or so. Here’s hoping some alternative is worked out. Let’s also hope this doesn’t affect Above & Beyond’s Acoustic performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Source: inthemix