Baauer Just Played The Late Show, And His Album Is Almost Here

Baauer Just Played The Late Show, And His Album Is Almost Here

Baauer is an undeniable legend in the trap realm, what with ‘shaking Harlem’ and all that – though we haven’t heard too much from him lately. But all that is about to change with his debut album. He’s been dripping a few tracks here and there, and mostly keeping his lips sealed with details, but after a performance with Leikeli47 on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Baauer is finally opening up. Titled Aa (Double-A), the 13-track LP is scheduled to release on March 18th via LuckyMe, with pre-orders starting now.

“GoGo!” and “Day Ones” are immediately available with pre-orders, and as we’ve come to expect more and more, the album is boasting loads of collaborations. Rustie, M.I.A., Future, G-Dragon, and Pusha T, and Leikeli47 are just a few of the names gracing the record, but it’s all contorted into a delectable style of bass music as only Baauer can accomplish. Have a listen to The Late Show Performance below, and pre-order Aa on iTunes to grab these goodies for yourself.


01. Church
02. GoGo!
03. Body
04. Pinku
05. Sow
06. Day Ones [ft. Novelist & Leikeli 47]
07. Good & Bad
08. Way From Me [ft. Tirzah]
09. Temple [ft. M.I.A. & G Dragon]
10. Make it Bang [ft. TT the Artist]
11. Kung Fu [ft. Pusha T & Future]
12. Church Reprise [ft. Rustie]
13. Aa