Bassnectar Takes Over Night Owl Radio

Bassnectar Takes Over Night Owl Radio

Following his monumental performance for a massive crowd at Insomniac’s 21st annual Nocturnal Wonderland, Bassnectar has gone from the stage to the airwaves, hosting a special takeover episode of Pasquale Rotella’s Night Owl Radio!

In anticipation of his Life Is Beautiful appearance this coming weekend, Bassnectar debuted his favorite tracks and exclusive clips including a 30 minute continuous mixtape full of unheard edits, remixes and the worldwide debut of his new track “Interlock” with Atlanta duo ATLiens. Lorin will be closing out the show with the first record he ever bought on the morning after his first rave back in 1995, one that he marks as a significant catch for his musical career.

Electric Forest fans everywhere rejoiced this past June when Bassnectar stopped by the Night Owl Radio studio. Over 100,000 listeners played the episode across hundreds of countries around the world. Bassnectar returns to take over Episode #057 with more surprises in store for listeners.

Track List:

Bassnectar “Bass Head”
Bassnectar & G Jones “Mind Tricks”
A$AP Rocky “LSD” [Bassnectar Bootleg]
Bassnectar & Jantsen “Red Step”
Eprom & Alesia “U Guessed It” [Bassnectar Remix]
Levitate “God Status” [Bassnectar Remix]
Benga “Dirty Face” [Bassnectar Remix]
Reso “Spooky” [BNRMX]
Bassnectar & ATLiens “Interlock”
Joker “Midnight” [Bassnectar Remix]
Lafa Taylor “Heaters” [Bassnectar Remix]
Sibot “Row Row” [Bassnectar Remix]
Afrodite ft. Barrington Levy “All Over Me” [FreQ Nasty]
Unknown* “Mystery White Label” [Please ID]
Gucci Mane “First Day Out tha Feds” [Bassnectar Version]
Marz Leon “Fire” [Bassnectar Remix] 35:40
Bassnectar “Speakerbox”
Beats Antique “Roustabout” [Bassnectar Remix]
Krust & Die “Kamanchi”
iLL Gates “Ice Bucket” [Bassnectar Remaster]
DJ Die “Bright Lights” [Bassnectar Version]
TC ft. MC Jakes “Deep”
Rusko “Bring It On” [Bassnectar Remaster]
Raw as Fuck “Punks”
EBE Audio “Energy”