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Bingo Players Announces “What’s Next” EP Out Now Via Hysteria Records

bingo players whats next ep

Legendary DJ and producer Bingo Players has just released two new singles as part of his new What’s Next EP series, out on Hysteria Records. The goal of the series is to showcase dance music’s lesser known innovators, starting off with collaborations with Dutch DJ duo Oomloud, known for their thumping bass lines and Dutch younger Robin Aristo who is only 19 years old and already has a clear vision for his sound.

The EP features two tracks, ‘Don’t Hold Back On The Floor,’ a Bingo Players and Oomloud collaboration and ‘Get Physical,’ a Bingo Players and Robin Aristo collaboration. Both tracks feature that signature Bingo Players sound, while also putting each up-and-coming artist’s unique production elements to the forefront. The What’s Next EP series looking to highlight quality dance music from the next generation of producers.

In addition to the announcement of the EP, Bingo Players also just revealed A Decade of Bingo Players, a documentary which takes fans through the history of the project from its inception. Watch it on YouTube here.


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