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Buygore Records Says Hello To Minesweepa In “On God” EP

Minesweepa “On God” EP ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Another new face is getting ready to introduce themselves to the Buygore Records ​team by the name of ​MineSweepa​, a young electronic music talent who has already created a strong name for himself in the scene. MineSweepa‘s ​On God ​EP is composed of three separate tracks, set to be released via Buygore on June 1st.

The title track of the EP, ‘On God‘ clearly illustrates MineSweepa‘s personal touch to his musical craftings; trap-induced beats spliced together with screechy basslines feed into a dub heavy second drop keeping listeners on the tips of their toes. The next track ‘Portland‘ is a sure fire festival doomsday device, with energy levels sky rocketing into high gear with astral dives and drops of high-pitched chords. Finishing off with ‘Glass,’ MineSweepa utilizes realistic samples of glass bottles clanking and breaking about, ultimately symbolic of the sound design behind the track where he organizes the disarrayed pieces into a beautiful creation.