Chocolate Puma – Popatron

Chocolate Puma – Popatron

Chocolate Puma - Popatron

Chocolate Puma is proud to present their new single ‘The Popatron’. Coming out on Spinnin Deep September 7th. There is also a special ‘Popatron‘ game where you can play around with the different loops to mix your own version of the track. Check it out!

‘Hello, it’s us. Back in the summer we made this simple but effective DJ tool. You know, a cool underground track just to play at our own gigs. You might have heard it in our Tomorrowland set. Then the guys at Spinnin’ Records also heard it and they thought it was a good idea to give it an official release. So here you go, coming up december 7th, Popatron!‘ – said Chocolate Puma.

Watch teaser video for ‘The Popatron‘ here:

A prestigious act in the house music scene for over 20 years, Dutch duo Chocolate Puma have released over 200 records and can count Dance Music Chart #1s and even a UK Chart top 10 amongst their achievements. Chocolate Puma are a benchmark for excellence, hard-work and talent; long may they continue to fly the flag.

More info: Chocolate Puma Facebook Page