“ctrl.xx.tension” experimental performance deconstructs the image of women in pop music & its stereotypes taking them beyond borders

RUSNAM is proud to present the experimental music performance „ctrl.xx.tension” for the first time.

A 75 minute live musical exploration of the image of women as shaped by female pop icons, united in a dance performance that makes visible the experiences of discrimination. Detached from the stereotype of the pop icon beyond the borders of our origins.

Inspired by hip hop, techno & non-western music, featuring female* BPoC musicians & performers based in Berlin.

Berlin – „ctrl.xx.tension”
place: Oyoun, Lucy-Lameck-Straße 32, 12049 Berlin
date: 1st of october 2021
time: 8.15pm, entry: 7pm

LIVE on stage: RUSNAM (Turkey/Germany) – producer & musical director, Nora Amin (Egypt), performer, Valentina Bellanova (Italy) – ney, Lynda Menoueri (Algeria) – violin, Azin Zahedi (Iran) – santur, Syrtha artwork & live visuals


Idea, concept & musical direction of „ctrl.xx.tension“ by Berlin based producer & singer & songwriter Gülin Mansur aka RUSNAM.

She produces music influenced by the sounds she grew up with – R&B and hip hop – Berlin techno – while never forgetting her cultural heritage – her turkish and arab roots. Her musical experiences and projects are always rooted in her identity: As a singer & songwriter of „Gülina” band & as a project leader of music empowerment workshops. In 2017 she founded an initiative “Faces of Change & Chance”, which supports youngsters, focused on girls and young women* from conflict areas.

In RUSNAM she ties all her skills and cultural influences together to form a musical experience based on heavy basslines and kicks, reversed and deconstructed middle eastern sounds & hypnotic soundscapes.

artists RUSNAM, Azin Zahedi, Lynda Menoueri, Nora Amin, Valentina Bellanova

title ctrl.xx.tension
location: Oyoun, Lucy-Lameck-Straße 32, 12049 Berlin
date 1st October 2021
time: 8.15pm, entry: 7pm