Daft Punk and The Weeknd’s ‘I Feel It Coming’

There’s often a cryptic quality in the aesthetics of both Daft Punk and The Weeknd. On March 9, the supra-partnership continued this trait with the release of their official music video for “I Feel It Coming.” Shot in a lo-fi, VHS recording, the interplanetary love story-turned-apocalyptic tragedy seems somewhat related to the story-line of their “Starboy” music video. It isn’t entirely clear whether the two videos are  in chronological order, or even fashioned in a linear timeline at all.

However, the prevalent motif of the neon-pink, crucifix-like sabre which a vengeful Abel Tefasye wields in the “Starboy” video reappears in the final segment of the newest video. An ominously cloaked Daft Punk uncover Tefasye’s luminous Excalibur buried in the snow of a seemingly extraterrestrial wasteland as the musical intro to “Starboy” briefly plays. It would seem as if the chronology of the “I Feel It Coming” video is also a reversal of, or prequel to, the mise-en-scène
of the artist’s Grammy performance.

Regardless of the meaning of the film’s latent tale, the visual representation of the blockbuster collaboration is an engaging watch that ably captures the aesthetics of the two acts involved. Stream the official music video for “I Feel It Coming” in the above video player.

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