Daft Punk’s Helmets Are Built With Stunning Pictures

Daft Punk’s Helmets Are Built With Stunning Pictures


Fan-made Daft Punk costumes are nothing new. From cosplay conventions to Halloween, the iconic robot masks have remained prominent in the public’s eye ever since they were first conceived in 1999. Nowadays, you can even purchase your own legitimate copy of the full outfit for just over $34,000. Rarely, though, do these recreations ever stand up to the perfection of the originals. With the custom LED configurations, polished silver and gold exteriors and matching gloves, the Daft Punk design has become nearly as recognized as the two’s music itself.

Although we’ve learned about the helmets’ history and meaning to Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, never before have we seen any behind the scenes of their construction process or finished interiors. Luckily, and thanks to photographer Tim Bottchen and builder Greg Santacruz, we can now take our first peek.

In a photo album consisting of more than 20 incredible, high-quality images, Bottchen reveals the process behind creating Bangalter’s iconic silver helmet. From the molding of the full headpiece to the arrangement and wiring of the LEDs, each of the unexpectedly complicated components are shown in stunning detail. Far from a simplistic effort, the photos unveil just how complex and intricate the work behind the finished product really is.

Check out several of the pictures below, and visit Bottchen’s page for a complete look behind the scenes!






DIY Daft Punk Helmet built by Greg Santacruz in St. Louis, Missouri.