deadmau5 OSC/PILOT Performance Tool for Digital Artists & Musicians Now Available for iPad





World-renowned electronic music producer deadmau5 has announced his technical product OSC/PILOT is now available for iPad.  Using the simple and sleek UIs built using OSC/PILOT to iPad is now possible using the free OSC/PILOT iPad app. This app allows loading any project file created via the desktop version of OSC/PILOT (both Windows and macOS). Support for MIDI as well as up to 5 OSC destinations is supported, just like the desktop version.

Additionally, a remote update feature has been included that allows the iPad app to connect directly to a copy of OSC/PILOT running on a desktop. Edits to a project file being done on the desktop version can directly be sent to the iPad, allowing for quick and easy iteration and building of personal UIs.

A bi-directional control surface application originally built as a performance tool for digital artists and musicians, OSC/PILOT was used for years by deadmau5 on tour as his control surface for shows.  As the overlap between audio and visual application space continues to grow, there is a need for a simple way to control these applications in a desktop application. Interoperability between the applications at the artist’s disposal (AbletonLive, TouchDesigner, MaxMSP, Processing, Bitwig etc.) allows digital audio and visual artists to control the content of any space with data from any other space. OSC/PILOT aims to provide an easy way to build UIs for this control.  In addition, the huge amounts of display options gives the artists both their choice of canvas, as well as their choice of how to drive the content to that canvas.  OSC/PILOT is a robust and simple tool to harness the interoperability and enable this kind of control.    View the demo now at: 

The IOS version is a free download “companion product.” OSC/PILOT Product Cost: $49.99.

About deadmau5:

Joel Zimmerman, more commonly known as deadmau5 (pronounced ‘dead mouse’), is one of the world’s most respected electronic music producers of modern times. Enjoying international chart success with his 2x platinum-certified single “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff,” as well as “Professional Griefers,” “Sofi Needs A Ladder” and “I Remember,” he has also released seven critically acclaimed albums. The multiple JUNO Award-winning and GRAMMY®-nominated artist’s ability to push the boundaries of his talent grows at an equal rate to his fan base, which counts 15 million and more over his combined social media channels. His latest music offerings include “Pomegranate” with The Neptunes, “Bridged By A Lightwave” with Kiesza, “Channel 43” with Wolfgang Gartner, “Hypnocurrency” with REZZ, “When The Summer Dies” with Lights, “Hyperlandia” featuring Foster The People and “this is fine.” with Portugal. The Man. In the live realm, his 2019/20 U.S. cubev3 tour featuring production of his own design and implementation ranked in the Top 10 of Pollstar’s top tours globally. Beyond his music career, he is also a co-founder of gaming venture PIXELYNX and is an executive of HD streaming platform StreamVoodoo.