When playing over a hundred different stages in a year time, a DJ is bound to develop a certain style when it comes to whipping up the crowd with certain gestures. Throughout the years, we’ve seen so many trademark twists that we lost count. Since several of them are definitely worth sharing, we present you with the DJ Moves Top 7!

The Destructive Diver – Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki has done his fair share of stage dives and has become quite notorious because of it. His high-flying action have caused him to land on this DJ Moves Top 7, as it IS an actual recognizable DJ move. Do take notice, however, that stage diving is not for the faint of heart.

The Banger of Heads – Seven Lions
His far-famed blend of deep bass music with almost every other musical influence known to man is not the only thing distinctive about Seven Lions. Even though head banging is mainly reserved for the practitioners of rock, punk, and heavy metal, Seven Lions’ lengthy coiffure allows for plenty of hair-whipping and head-shaking. You’ll be seeing this a lot when attending Seven Lions’ smashing DJ sets.

The Ping Pong – Armin van Buuren
As perfectly demonstrated by Armin van Buuren during his highly anticipated DJ set at Tomorrowland 2015, his record called ‘Ping Pong’ received a more than worthy reenactment at the world-famous Belgian festival. Few attendees were able to resist the catchy moves, allowing for a beautiful sight of like-minded individuals.

The Work-Out – Andrew Rayel
The DJ life is not just a walk in the park. Being (and staying) in shape is absolutely necessary to stay on top of your game throughout the long hours and full-blown performances. As it happens, Moldovan wonder worker Andrew Rayel found out that combining those two is easily accomplished. Muscle-building in the upper body ensured!

The Handy Man – Avicii
We’ve got to hand it to him. Avicii has an whole array of skills up his sleeve and playing the air piano is one of them. Directing tones towards the right key with gentle gestures, it’s this kind of Fingerspitzengefühl (meaning: finger tips feeling – intuitive flair or instinct) that made him into the world-class performer he is today.

The Cakeface – Steve Aoki
Whether it’s his birthday or not (for those that want to know; it’s November 30th), Steve Aoki likes to treat his audience with a sweet blend of music and… CAKE! Never one to keep his fans from enjoying a batch of whipped cream, double-layered tarts, or towering pies, this is without doubt a memorable DJ move.

The Shuffler – Olivier Heldens
As the most majestic ‘shuffler’ of this generation, Olivier Heldens has made quite the name for himself through his music and his moves. Combined, it is something definitely worth mentioning. Every day is ‘Shuffle’ day!

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