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Stoney Roads recently caught up with Australian duo Slumberjack for a short interview, preceding their performance at SoSueMe’s Xmas bash.

Responding to a question about “EDM” dying, they had this to say:

We think “EDM” as a genre itself (i.e. super pop mainstream house stuff) may be on the way out but “electronic dance music” will never die. More importantly people are getting more open about accepting new styles which is very very healthy for the scene.

At the end of the day a computer is just a tool and it doesn’t necessarily reflect the type of music that’s being made on it. More and more we’re seeing artists combining sounds from the real world with sounds from the computer world to create really interesting blends that become quite difficult to classify. Is a band suddenly electronic if they use a synth keyboard? Is a producer suddenly a rock artist if they record in real drum and guitar sounds on their tracks.

The point is its tough to classify “electronic” as a genre which makes it almost impossible to say it’s going to die.

Amen to that. While the term EDM has become synonymous with poppy/big room/mainstream festival house type stuff in many peoples’ minds, EDM was never meant to signify a single genre or style. EDM is just an easier way to say Electronic Dance Music – and it can encompass anything that uses computers, or synths, or any other type of electronics to make dance music. So while the mainstream pop house style might be fading, EDM as a whole has never been stronger.

Check out the full interview over at Stoney Roads

And listen to Slumberjack’s newest single on Hegemon below.