Elite Daily Shows Why TomorrowWorld and DreamVille Are Can’t-Miss Opportunities In New Documentary

Elite Daily Shows Why TomorrowWorld and DreamVille Are Can’t-Miss Opportunities In New Documentary

Fresh off of the conclusion of the third running of the festival, TomorrowWorld is showing the world why they’re still considered one of electronic music’s premier festivals. Few events can compete with the sheer size and production of TomorrowWorld, but the SFX-produced festival also delivers on all of the other counts – providing a stand-out camping experience with DreamVille, impressive stage designs, and an impressive lineup. To capture the magic of TomorrowWorld for those at home or those that want to relive the festival, Elite Daily has released a new mini-documentary called “The People of DreamVille” that follows five festival-goers from around the world on their trek to DreamVille and TomorrowWorld. You can check out the entire documentary below.

Amid the madness of the TomorrowWorld music festival, there’s a beautiful and vibrant pop-up city — a restorative departure for the EDM diehards in attendance.

Hidden from the outside world, deep in the forest, Dreamville is a camping site for thousands of festival goers. It’s a self-contained ecosystem with everything you could ever need on your adventure to TomorrowWorld.

We traveled to Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia to follow Alice Lin, Hélène Vincent, Bradley Spears, Ashley Louks and Danny Cole on their personal journeys that started worlds away and ended in the heart of DreamVille.

Alice Lin
Helene Vincent
Bradley Spears
Ashley Louks
Danny Cole
Senior Producer: Alex Casner
Producer: Tracey Zane

Produced by Kings County Productions

Eric Jankstrom
Brady Leifer

Director of Photography
Eric Jankstrom

Additional Cameras
John Marton
Terrence “MF” Thomas

Eric Jankstrom

Special thanks to The Chainsmokers @TheChainsmokers and Disruptor Management @DisruptorMgmt

Special thanks to Joe Silberzweig

Music Courtesy of Spinnin’ Records

Never Leave
Written by DVBBS

Home (ft Anatomy)
Written by Mount Dreams

Lost & Found (Club Mix)
Written by Boiler & Redondo

Written by Fox Stevenson & Curbi

Written by San Holo & Father Dude

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