Flume Claims His New Album is Not For Music Festivals in Interview

Flume Claims His New Album is Not For Music Festivals in Interview

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Australian electronic music mastermind Flume has plenty of new items in store for 2016. From appearing as a headliner for the upcoming Laneway Festival across Australia and New Zealand and dropping a few singles from his upcoming sophomore LP Skin, Flume (real name Harley Streten) has fans ramped up with excitement with each time he plays previews of his album in his sets. However, the man behind the new tunes warns fans that his music might not be the thumping bangers music festival attendees should expect.

In a recent interview, Triple J talked with Flume about his newest endeavors for his album and the producer’s comments seemed to be perplexing at first. Flume went on to explain saying,

“Some really got it and were really into, some were a bit confus[ed] but that’s good…it’s just different… The beats flip up, it’s kind of complicated and it’s not festival music, it’s more headphone [music]. So some of it, I think was pretty challenging, and some of it went really well, but overall I think it was a really good outcome.”

The album Skin is set to be released sometime soon even though there is no official release date. His latest singles “Never Be Like You” and “Smoke and Retribution” have received mostly positive feedback and can possibly be a major indicator of how the album will be when it’s out. He also said that there will continue to be more music outside the album to come out from him saying, “there’s lots of Flume to come out this year.” Until then, check out some of the new songs and let us know what you think of Flume’s thoughts on his new musical direction.