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Gary Richards’ new career move is running Electric ZOO

Gary Richards’ new career move is running Electric ZOO ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Early August brought along one of the biggest news bombs of 2017: the official departure of Gary Richards, lovingly known by his stage name Destructo, from HARD Events. Stirring the pot even more was his lack of involvement or presence at his crown jewel event of Holy Ship.

Richards seemed quite collected and content about the change in his official statement on the issue, however, advising that he’d be moving onto even bigger things than his Southern California festival empire. He’s now revealed more details of his new posting via Twitter, and indeed he has moved on to some very green pastures. As it turns out, Richards more or less ran the execution of New York’s Electric Zoo this year, among others which will surely be revealed in the coming months.

His announcement indicated he’s since accepted some sort of a high leadership position within the Lifestyles fold, based off the hashtag used after labeling E-Zoo as his “New beginnings.” In addition, Richards also revealed in a response to a fan that his duties wouldn’t stop at the aforementioned event either.

LiveStyle is the resurrected SFX, which arose after the original company had gone through bankruptcy.

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