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Global Hitmaker OMI Releases Highly Anticipated Second Single and Music Video for “As Long As I’m With You” with CMC$ Today via Ultra Records

OMI Music Video  “As Long As I’m With You” with CMC$ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Known for his global success with hit “Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix),” Jamaican Reggae fusion artist OMI debuts his new single and returns to Miami to shoot his video for “As Long As I’m With You ” with CMC$  via Ultra Records

This comes as a follow up to his first single release, “Masterpiece,” that came post hiatus with German platinum-selling DJ and producer Felix Jaehn, which has already hit 10M+ streams on Spotify and the video that has hit 1.5m+ combined views. OMI drops this brand new single ready to dominate the charts again with Dutch musician, DJ and producer CMC$ (Yael Nahar), who has received Platinum status for his collaboration with DVBBS ft. Gia Koka – “Not Going Home,” which got over 129 million streams, and a Golden record with “Parallel Lines” – another track with Canadian power duo DVBBS. He’s also caught the ears of global powerhouses such as Martin Garrix, Diplo and Steve Aoki.

Staying true to his island inspiration and Jamaican fusion sound, the track opens up with a carefree chant “aye yeah, yeah, yeah,” which leads the listener into OMI’s first verse. Complemented by bright electric guitar picks, bouncy drums, and feel-good drops, the song manifests as an ode to unconditional, playful love. With lyrics such as “we come from different places, but love has so many faces,” OMI describes  how much he adores and craves his lover.


The song goes back and forth with OMI’s hook between verses, “we can go all night, my love, as long as I’m with you,” followed by fun background voices chanting the opening “aye yeah,” making for a call-and-response effect that satisfies the ear and creates an intriguing jam. Between OMI’s iconic summer-esque sound, his loving lyrics, and the enticing instrumentals, this song will have you hitting repeat, or perhaps grabbing your lover for an impromptu dance party.

In the video directed by David Rousseau, who’s most notably done visuals for artists such as Ke$ha, Pitbull and Lil Wayne among others, we are greeted with OMI struggling to get his TV to turn on after a long day at work. However, his girlfriend has other plans in mind for the two of them which involves more of a netflix & chill type of night. The opening cuts to scenes of OMI and his girlfriend lounging by the pool enjoying the Miami sun together with a glass of wine and intimate dancing. The video then pans to frames of OMI and his girlfriend recreating iconic scenes from Pretty Woman and Fifty Shades of Grey. Straying from his previous video for “Masterpiece,” which was an ode to beautiful women of every type, “As Long As I’m With You” shows that that he’s committed and only has eyes for one woman. Emphasizing the lyrics of the track, the video stars only OMI and his leading lady to show how they don’t need other people besides one another to have a good time, since they are so in love. The camera pans to frames of OMI dancing at a club with his girlfriend, in the bedroom, and sitting by the fridge enjoying a late night snack together, being more than satisfied with each other’s company.


“I’m so excited to share this track and video today with my fans,” said OMI. “‘As Long As I’m With You’ is all about showing that special someone how much they mean to you and I wanted the music video to reflect that in an honest, sexy and fun way. David Rousseau did an amazing job in bringing my vision to life, and I can’t wait to see the #OMIarmy’s reaction when they hear this song.”


About OMI:

OMI has seen successes many artists only dream of. His hit record “Cheerleader” spent six non consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart; it went 5x Platinum; it garnered over 4 million Spotify weekly streams and has accumulated more than 230 million YouTube streams. He’s performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, and America’s Got Talent — and that’s just in the U.S.

Though over the moon and thankful for these honors and opportunities, the platinum recording artist celebrated his achievements with a heavy heart. OMI’s father, who was also a musician, passed away when he was 9 years old.

“He taught me all he could in such a short period of time. My attitude towards life and my work, I think I inherited from him. I’m forever grateful for that,” he gushes. “I’m living that dream he never got to.”

In the years that have passed since releasing “Cheerleader” and his debut full-length album, Me 4 U, OMI has recharged his body, mind, and soul by spending time with family in Jamaica. He’s also been honing in on his craft —growing as a singer, a songwriter, and a performer. Now, he’s ready to begin his next chapter.

“Music is demanding—it’s very jealous—and if you don’t pay it any mind it will not pay you any mind. When it gets away from you, it’s hard to get it back,” he admits. “I’m in that first stage again, as if I never had a hit record. That’s the hunger, the drive that I have right now in my heart and in my mind.”

The new journey begins with the release of “Masterpiece,” an upbeat, tropical house-driven love song about embracing your partner’s imperfections and admiring them for who they are.  “Cos every time I look at you I’m looking at a masterpiece/ If you’re trying to be perfect you don’t have to be,” OMI croons during the chorus. “Put your body on my body and I’ll tell you honestly/ When I look at you I’m looking at a masterpiece.”

The single sees OMI collaborating with German producer Felix Jaehn for the first time since “Cheerleader.” And this time around, they made it a point to work in person. The two met up in London to record “Masterpiece.”

“The experience was everything I expected it to be,” OMI says about his studio time with Jaehn. The duo bounced ideas off each other, communicated well, shared good vibes and amazing energy. That electricity shows in the infectious reggae fusion track.

“Masterpiece” is the first look into OMI’s upcoming new album — a project that’s fused with Tropical Pop sound and showcases OMI’s continuous progression as an artist. “One of the things I strived to accomplish with this next album is to allow people to see the growth. That to me is everything,” OMI confesses. “You’ve got to be creative and innovative in terms of perspective, because in music the topic never changes. It’s life; it’s what you live. You’ve always got to reinvent yourself.”

At the same time, the album is still OMI. The singer made sure these songs incorporated certain elements that were present in Me 4 U, ensuring a slow and steady transition. “You have to pay tribute to the work that was done initially, because that’s what put you on the map,” he says humbly. “You have to show respect to that.”

Though a debut record’s initial success may be intimidating to some, OMI is confident in himself and the people who support him. He’s not fearful of the next step, he’s eager to take it.

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