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Gramatik’s Label Lowtemp Releases Psychedelic Bass EP from Common Creation ‘Manufactured Moments’


“His free-form brand of psychedelic funk and bass lends a hat tip to the most prominent festival genres in North America, while building upon the innovations of modern hip-hop based electronic.”
Out today via Gramatik’s artist label Lowtemp, DJ / Producer Common Creation reveals a psychedelic bass EP titled ‘Manufactured Moments.’ Featuring JT Ward on the drums, the EP aims to recreate the live instrumentation and emotional evocation of a jam band over the course of four brand new singles.
On ‘Manufactured Moments’ cut “Candlelight,” we hear Common Creation, delve into a slow-building exploration of experimental dubstep, funk, electro-soul, and organic instrumentation. Complex soundscapes – created via samples, rich synth, heavy drops, vocal chops, and traditional instrumentation such as guitar and drum kit- are a common thread throughout the project. From the melodic and hypnotizing stunner “Late Night Summer” (Common Creation’s personal favorite from the project) to the fluid glitch-hop number “Conflicted Computer,” ‘Manufactured Moments’ achieves Common Creations mission to bridge the gap between “the late 60’s era of protest rock and modern day festival culture:”
One of the main inspirations I had when creating it was the parallels I see between the late 60’s era of protest rock and modern day festival culture — people coming together over music and peace in spite of a volatile political climate. With that in mind, I ended up with four tracks that I felt perfectly captured the vibe of a counter-culture era psych-rock concert reimagined in the context of a modern dubstep performance. 
-Common Creation 
Real name Chris Teel, his Common Creation project was established in 2015 in Auburn, Alabama. To date, Teel has shared the stage with artists including Trinidad James, Asher Roth, Waka Flocka Flame, Marvel Years, Maddy O’Neil, Wax Future, Modern Measure, Sammy Adams, Griffyn, Wick-It the instigator, Archnemesis, and Roscoe Dash. The Common Creation duo with JT Ward has also been featured at several festivals across the south-east such as Jam in the Ham, Darkest Before Dawn Festival, and Eminent Funk.