Guess Who Wrote The Title Track For Justin Bieber’s New Album

Guess Who Wrote The Title Track For Justin Bieber’s New Album


Despite countless acts of idiocy, including punching Michael Woods’ tour manager, and a recent bitch fit over girls touching his feet, Justin Bieber has been making an incredible effort towards redefining his career. The pioneering endeavor was undoubtedly “Where Are Ü Now” with Jack Ü, in the most unexpected collaboration of the decade. Since then, we’ve reported more than a few times on Bieber’s material (something we never thought would happen), and his new album, Purpose, is actually shaping up to be a palatable release. Regardless of your opinions on the kid, Bieber is famous as all hell, and to be featured on his album is a big deal. If you’re on the title track, it’s an even bigger deal. KnackForTracks did a little research on the album and its accompanying tracklist credits, and you won’t believe who co-wrote “Purpose.” It’s a valid assumption that Skrillex would be behind the production of such a track, but it’s not him.

Steve James is the man behind some of the biggest remixes you’ve heard in the past year, including ZHU’s “Faded,” The Weeknd’s “Earned It,” and John Legend’s “All Of Me.” His portfolio is brilliantly varied, and proves an ability to produce rich music regardless of genre, a perfect match for a popstar in the middle of rebranding. Thanks to Complex UK, we can see that Steve James, real name Stephen Philibin, is indeed in the credits for writing “Purpose,” AKA track #13.


What does this mean? Why the hell does it matter? Well, considering that Justin Bieber has only worked with three electronic producers, Skrillex, Zedd, and Diplo, we’re about to see the much deserved rise of an incredibly talented producer. Whether you like it or not, the Biebs and his 69 million Twitter followers alone are enough to propel Mr. Philibin into the big leagues. And with Bieber’s album pre-order being #1 in 51 countries, MTV is right, everyone is just a little bit excited. We’ll keep you on the update when Purpose sees daylight on 11/13.

H/T KnackForTracks, Complex UK

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