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Interview with Amy Barbour

Interview with Amy Barbour


We have recently been given an amazing opportunity to interview some of the most talented: artists, songwriters, and producers. This interview with Amy Barbour .I am honored that she would take the time to answers some questions and give us a little more info about her, what she does, and where we can all hear her music. Enjoy!

FYS: Hello Amy, for those who may not know you yet, please tell us about yourself and your artistic background.

AMY:Hey! Well I have been a singer ever since I can remember, even as a child, always musical. I as a child always wrote stories, songs and poems. As I got older I did some performing arts and became part of stage schools. The theatres I was in always had the perfect roles for me, lots of singing, dancing and acting. I then studied performing arts also when I was a little older. Of-course as a young girl I loved all this. I then became part of a Northern Irish girlband, we did gigs across the country, did x-factor, the whole shabang, but I was kind of lying to myself, I always wanted to be a solo artist and always stood out from the rest of the girls in the band in terms of thinking, genre style, and my goals for the future. I quit after 2 years and started producing my own music, from then to now self teaching myself production has been amazing, it is like I have this amazing power now to express ME anytime, creating my own music from my heart, I became unstoppable. There is a lot of music in my bloodline in my Barbour Family (mother’s side) way back over a hundred years ago. This could be a link to me.

FYS:How would you describe your daily life?

AMY:My daily life would consist of endless producing of my songs and projects, on a daily basis I would get sent tracks also from other producers from all over the world that would like me to sing on their tracks, so most days I am very busy finishing projects for releases. I also was found on sound cloud by APD Directing and they originally wanted my music weekly to air on a radio station they are starting but now I am the radio show owner and presenter, we are currently getting it all set up and have lots of other exciting things coming up too.

FYS:Who or what inspired your love for a music career?

AMY:Like I said I have been musical from as long as I could talk, I am 100% sure as a young infant I would have bashed a lot of musical toys loud and mumbled a little bit of english thinking I was performing for a live audience, ha! Yes I have always known what I want,
I don’t think I was ever influenced to do music I just knew it was what I was born to do, don’t get me wrong I am inspired by a lot of people and their work, but I am my own person and always will influence myself. Music is my life and always was going to be my career no matter what.


FYS:When did you write your first song and what is the title? What was the inspiration for the lyrics to your first “Original” song?

AMY:Wow, this brings back memories, my first song is called ‘Should we rush?’ you can actually find it on my sound-cloud (Amy Barbour UK) it is the first track ever posted on my page. I wrote this track over 4 years ago, I had other songs wrote but this one was my first professional track produced and vocals recorded. The song is about a couple entering the new exciting stages of dating, a million thoughts entering her mind, shall she play it cool, or let the excitement maybe ruin the relationship by rushing things, so in the song she is asking herself what to do. Interesting song I recommend you to give it a listen.

FYS:Do you prefer on specific genre of music over any other genre? If so, what genre and why?

AMY:I love all kinds of music from blues to jazz, to 80s rock to indie, but I do specialise in light airy house music, I have also made techno, trance, french house & progressive it all depends on how I feel when making the song, somedays I don’t even know what style I want to make I just start making it and let my heart do its thing, by the end it could turn out to be any genre.


FYS:If you were given the opportunity to open for any artist of any genre of music, who would you choose and why?

I would 100% pick ‘AIR’ a personal favourite band of mine or the likes of ‘Moderat’ or ‘Flume’. Very interesting bands, I am a huge fan. Their music is just so different and every song they make is never the same style to any tracks they make, they create fine art yet very different to each piece.

Amy Barbour – Feel (by KP Recordings)

Release Date on Beatport : Jul.11.2016

Amy Barbour - Feel KP Recordings

FYS:What a great interview! Thank you Amy for taking time to answer these questions for us. I’m sure ALL of your fans will love reading more about you. Things I’m sure they might not have known. I know I enjoyed it.