Jennifer Lopez Covers Zedd’s “Clarity” And He LOVES It!

Jennifer Lopez Covers Zedd’s “Clarity” And He LOVES It!


Despite the massive success of True Colors and the accompanying tour last year, Zedd’s greatest hits remain from Clarity, his debut album. Ranging from “Shave It Up,” “Stay The Night,” to the title track “Clarity,” most EDM fans will be able to unconsciously follow along to most songs with ease.

According to gossip mag Idolator, JLo devotes a tiny bit of each performance to covers, and this time Zedd just happened to be present when his got covered.

While we try not to post about content like this too often, this is a really, really cool moment for Zedd.

This isn’t the first time she’s done it either – check out a video from a performance earlier this year.