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Jordan Suckley Talks Trance

Jordan Suckley Talks Trance

Jordan Suckley is used to a fast paced life. The past two years of his career have helped him develop immense success with his productions, his own record label, podcast and more. 

He emerges as a fierce face on the trance scene, producing records on some of the most prestigious labels in the business as he paves the way for revolutionary growth within the genre. From the outside, Jordan has made his mark by touring across the globe and winning the hearts of the trance community around the world, tugging at heartstrings with his deep, dark psy and tech trance anthems. From the inside, Jordan is humble, kind, talented and persistent, an artist anyone would be lucky enough to work with.

The British producer started making strides in the music world at the ripe age of 8 where he continued to be influenced by other movements going on at the time,

All my friends had deck and stuff when they were about 16 and they would go into their mums garage and start making garage. And that’s how it started really.
Trance has never been a more popular genre within the scene, but Jordan found comfort within the sound and suddenly found himself being taken under the wing of one of the psy trance scene’s head honchos,

I met Simon Patterson and we made our collaboration, Vanilla, and he really got me into the psy stuff. He told me to check all this stuff out and I was like WOW this stuff is really good, and we made Vanilla. He introduced me to it you know.

Jordan did find success early on, but it was not always easy for him. As any up and coming producer would say, it’s a painstaking process to get to where you are today. He recalls all his hard work that he’s put in throughout the years and now is in the position to give young producers insights,

Be completely relentless and work when other people are sleeping.

Make music as much as possible and say goodbye to your friends and family because you’ll lock yourself away. My friend group has been shrinking every year because I’m a DJ because I’m constantly traveling.

Though times have been tough, the reward is sweet as Jordan talks about his good fortunate in terms of being able to travel and essentially get paid to see parts of the world, something he’s been fortunate to do enough of being a world famous DJ.

He has his eyes sight on much bigger things for the future, continuing to make remixes and tracks with artists such as Markus Schulz and releasing some originals in 2016.