Keanu Silva – Pump Up The Jam

Keanu Silva – Pump Up The Jam

Keanu Silva - Pump Up The Jam [SPRS]

The classic Technotronic‘s track ‘Pump Up The Jam‘ getting revived by Keanu Silva here, dropping a sturdy bassline and catchy piano chords. The original vocals work perfectly with this sweet house groove, taking on new life and making sure the dancefloor will once more go crazy on this oldschool sound. Hot stuff! OUT NOW on SPRS imprint!

‘Pump Up the Jam‘ was the opening track on Belgian act Technotronic’s album Pump Up the Jam: The Album. Released as a single, it became a worldwide hit, reaching number two in both the American Hot 100 in early 1990 and the United Kingdom in 1989. The song was later certified triple platinum. Ya Kid K provided the vocals for the track. She was initially overshadowed by model Felly Kilingi, who appears in the music video and features on the album cover.

Check out music video for the original track: