With a selection of fan favorites and new material, Kendrick Lamar stole the show

Cornrow Kenny, aka Kendrick Lamar delivered one of the greatest Grammy performances of all time. After being nominated for an astonishing 11 Grammys and winning 5, Kendrick showed why he deserved it all. His performance of ‘Blacker the Berry’, ‘Alright’ and ‘Untitled 3’ were truly epic and without a doubt stole the show.

From being in chains in the first act to rapping in front of a bonfire, Kendrick put Hip-Hop on the map. This however wasn’t just for Hip-Hop, his message is cultural, political and racial. Kendrick wants to make a change and the best way he knows how is through his music. Performing on the biggest stage with millions of viewers is his opportunity to spread his message of love, peace and community.

Lately, Kendrick has been performing on late night television with new material. His first was on Colbert with Untitled #1, then Untitled #2 on Jimmy Fallon. Now with the Grammy’s, he has brought us Untitled #3 at the climax of his performance. Lights were flashing and the camera was right up close to his face, all together it made for a performance that will be remembered for a long time.

A lot of people felt that K Dot got snubbed at the 2014 Grammy’s when he lost to Macklemore but that’s clearly in the past. Kendrick is just focused on making better music, straight from the heart.

Watch the live performance below.