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Kid Créme Unveils Music Video for “Boy in the Picture”

House legend Kid Crème has unveiled the official music video for single ‘Boy in the Picture’, with New Zealand born co-producer Jolyon Petch.  The track, laced with the voice of Sian Evans, best known for her work on DJ Fresh’s worldwide #1 ‘Louder’ and as lead singer of D&B supergroup Kosheen, features strong vocals, and a piano led melody.

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The emotional video, a vibrant and colourful production, focuses on a homeless child who raids a local scrapheap for his stuffed cuddly toys, taking them back and forming a fantasy world with them, proving that a youthful imagination can provide solace to even the harshest of situations.

Directed by Kyle Lewis, the South African director carries a highly acclaimed reputation and has shot features for global companies like Nike and Volkswagen, as well as being nominated for ‘Best Music Video’ at the SAMAs for three years running.

“I’d never met Sian before, but myself and Jolyon were working together and he knew her,” explains Kid Creme. “So we booked a ticket for her to come and work in the studio. The day she arrived, as I didn’t know her, we started talking about our own points of view about the world till late at night and the day after she wrote “Boy in the picture” which could be a good resume of our late night conversation”.

A powerful and melancholic hit, ‘Boy in the Picture’ blurs the lines between house music and mainstream pop.

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