London-Based Singer Songwriter and Producer Kiara Jordan Releases New Single ‘Young Man’

South African born, London based singer, songwriter and producer Kiara Jordan shares her powerful new track ‘Young Man’, out on 21st August on all streaming platforms.


Growing up in South Africa and then moving to London gave Kiara an insight into two worlds where both the differences and similarities were striking in that the suffering of one becomes the suffering of all.

Speaking of the track, Kiara says, “South Africa is considered to be the world’s most divided country. So I want to use this song as a platform to highlight the systemic racism and discrimination so many of the population are exposed to. I want to start a conversation – why is it that people in power are willing to turn a blind eye to the suffering of their own people, if not deliberately to make their own people suffer in order to better their own lives. The corruption of governments and political parties have destroyed incomes and well beings, and have forced their own people to suffer. I want to shed a much needed light on this struggle, and to question why people in power are being allowed to take away the freedom of those whom they govern.”

Lyrics from Young Man by Kiara Jordan:

“Young man Old eyes He’s seen this life before He wants to climb, but without a dime His ceiling is the floor A knock on my window His face at my door He sings the words of the fight that he’s endured He cries Freedom, freedom Feed my soul Powers, powers taking everything I own”

Kiara makes adventurous, culture changing and timeless music with the aim of pushing her political views in music to be heard on a global scale. Her songwriting skills are touching, powerful and truthful where she can take the pain of another as well as herself and create lyrics that make you think about more than just your own world but humanity as a whole. She has received previous support from BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC Radio Kent, as well as support across Mahogany playlists and blogs such as Loud Women and LeFutureWave.