Marco Carola Announces New Music on Residency at Story Miami: Exclusive

Marco Carola Announces New Music on Residency at Story Miami: Exclusive

Marco Carola

The Italian techno legend returns to North America with a 16-week residency.

Marco Carola might as well be techno royalty at this point. The Italian DJ italian  has diligently served the underground scene for more than two decades and shows no signs of slowing down. More recently, he’s become the face of Ibiza nightlife, championing one of the island’s most raved-about parties: Music On at Amnesia.

Now Carola will bring the coveted series to Miami for the third year in a row, resuming his winter residency duties at Story Nightclub. “We wanted to do something in the States,” he says. “It was a no brainer with Miami. I feel at home there.”

Marco Carola Brings His Weekly Ibiza Party to North America This Winter

The ethos behind Carola’s international party is simple: “It’s all about the Music.” It’s a message that dictates every element of the show, from the choice of openers to the visuals. “We try to create the atmosphere with the music, not an atmosphere with some music in it,” he says.

Beginning in December, Carola will perform from Story Nightclub every Saturday for nearly 4 months straight. The decision to return to the MMG-operated venue was a natural one: “They have been part of our family since the start,” Carola says. “They gave us an opportunity that worked out really well and we continue to have a great relationship with them.”

Ultimately, Carola’s residency is part of a larger stateside trend: techno. The arrival of international brands like Time Warp and Awakenings signals a broader resurgence in underground dance culture in the US, and the return of Music On echoes the growth. “I see big potential in the US,” Carola says. “The scene is constantly evolving.”

When Billboard asked Carola if he had a larger plan at work for Music On in America, he was tactfully coy: “I do, but I can’t tell you.”

Marco Carola’s Music On residency begins on Dec. 5 with Stacey Pullen and runs through March 19. Tickets are available here.

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