Markus Schulz to release 6th studio album later this year

Markus Schulz to release 6th studio album later this year

In 2012 and 2014, Global DJ Broadcast host Markus Schulz released Scream 1 and 2, where he unleashed a bevy of more progressive trance and house-y tracks that were well-received among newer electronic fans and his most devoted followers. Despite their success, the German unicorn slayer felt he had slowly been moving away from his roots  – songwriting. Returning to what he loved most, the beginning of 2015 brought along the announcement that he was working on a new, organic track with Delacey that would come out later in the year. Soon, their ethereal collaboration “Destiny” touched the whole trance scene, which resonated with the passion that went into its production.

A year after its release, it seems that “Destiny” evidently sparked Schulz’s desire to return to the studio and create an entire album in the same vein as his 2015 hit. Having confirmed the release of his 6th LP later this year, the album will mark his most vocally-saturated album yet, and will undoubtedly mirror the energy presented in his collaboration with Delacey last year. Of the album, he states:

“I just finished it. I’ve been working on this album for two years. Obviously, everybody’s heard one of the first singles from the album, “Destiny”…“Face Down” is another one. The album right now, as it sits, is 17 tracks, and I think the best is yet to come. Like I said, it took me two years to make as I worked with some immensely talented songwriters on this album and I’m just very proud of it.”

With most of the LP having been completed before this past Christmas, Markus is expected to announce its official title and release date in the coming weeks.