It’s clash of the EDM titans as Martin Garrix goes after his former label in the courts

Garrix taking on another industry titan, our pal Adam K, at Tomorrowland.

A few months ago Garrix announced that he had parted ways with industry giants Spinnin’ Records with an impassioned post on his facebook fan page. At the same time he also split from his former management company, MusicAllStars.

A few tit-for-tat arguments emerged after the split, but t seemed to have died down in recent weeks. But now it seems the Dutch Wunderkind is still unhappy with how his former label and management treated him and has announced that he will be pursuing legal action against them.

The producer has stated that his form manager Eelko van Kooten deceived him with “false and misleading information” when Garrix was just seventeen years old. This led him to transfer ownership rights of his music to Spinnin’ Records. The lawsuit aims to prove that van Kooten wasn’t looking after his client – who had no previous experience of the music industry at the time – during negotiations with the label.

Legal battles over ownership rights tend to take an awful long time to go through the courts and the resulting bad blood can go on for even longer (as we’ve seen this week with Deadmau5 and Ultra), so it might be a long while before this saga is put to bed.