Miike Snow confirm third album ‘iii’ and return in full-swing with ‘Genghis Khan’

Miike Snow confirm third album ‘iii’ and return in full-swing with ‘Genghis Khan’

Miike Snow

“We try to put something that’s thoughtful or humane into pop songs, then we kill it with a hook,” says Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt. Nick Zinner, Henrik Korpi Joachim Belaieff

At the end of October, Miike Snow made the unexpected, but welcomed return with a new track titled “Heart Is Full,” ending the band’s three-year silence. While the release of a new track sparked excitement amongst fans for more music to come, “Heart Is Full” itself was a far step away from the piano-driven and pop-to-the-core hits that Miike Snow championed years ago.

Fans need not fear, though. Today, Miike Snow returns in full-swing with the second release from their forthcoming album iii. While “Genghis Khan” is much more reminiscent of their addicting pop catalogue, Miike Snow has advised fans not to expect the same old sound for their third album release.

“When we came out, I don’t think a lot of things sounded like us, but now I think a lot of stuff sounds like Miike Snow’s first record. I don’t think the right move is to ever stay in one place,” Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow explained to Rolling Stone. “I think people appreciate the spirit of it. Sure, “Heart Is Full” and the album opener are a total departure. We’ve never made a track before from a starting point of a pre-existing instrumental track from a hip-hop record and making a song out of it. We’ve never operated from that basis before. I think the question should always be “Is it good or isn’t it good?” Not “Does it sound like you?” or what people’s expectations of you are.”

iii is set for a March 4th release, giving fans plenty of time to get comfortable with the idea of a musically, aesthetically and newly transformed Miike Snow.

Via: Rolling Stone