Moby’s memoir ‘Porcelain’ will be published June 2016

Moby’s memoir ‘Porcelain’ will be published June 2016

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Legendary DJ and electronic music veteran Moby is set to publish his memoir, titled Porcelain, in June 2016. The autobiography will encompass the first ten years of his career, from the late 1980s to the recording of his 1999 album Play. Some of the subject matter comprises his relocation to New York’s East Village in the midst of the crack cocaine and AIDS epidemic, and his “unique vantage point as a white vegan in a predominantly black and Hispanic art form.” Discographically, the time frame includes Everything is Wrong and Moby’s ill-fated foray into punk rock Animal Rights.

The work has already earned impressive accolades from established authors. Salman Rushdie remarks, “the writing is terrific, enlivened by a deadpan humor that makes crazy sense of it all. His ancestor Herman Meville would, I think, be simultaneously revolted and proud.” Dave Eggars corroborates, noting, “this is one of the funniest and most accessible books you’ll ever read about an erstwhile Christian/alcoholic vegan electronic music maker.” The memoir will be published by Faber.

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