Mutiny UK & Steve Mac Feat. Beth Cannon– Without You

Mutiny UK & Steve Mac Feat. Beth Cannon– Without You (Need & Necessity Remix)

without you

Need & Necessity have been making tunes for a few years now and with almost every artist, the road paved to success isn’t always the easiest to navigate and almost always doesn’t happen overnight. The N&N boys, co-founders of Night Supply Records, have lately began to branch out to bigger, more established labels. A few months back, they released a four track EP on Sleazy Deep titled Patience featuring a collab with That John Arnold that peaked at number two on theBeatport release charts.

With the success of their last EP going through the roof, they were asked by the crew at Sleazy Deep to commission another remix for the label. This time, for Mutiny UK & Steve Mac featuringBeth Cannon. The track is called “Without You” and while the original is a sultry piece of music, their remix tones down the vibe with that potent Need & Necessity grit; utilizing the vocals sparingly, giving the production a darker feel that’s perfectly suited for their sets as of late.

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