Mysteryland USA ditches 21+ age restriction in 2016

Mysteryland USA ditches 21+ age restriction in 2016


Mysteryland USA’s transition from a May to a June event is not the only notable change regarding next year’s festival. Following a mid-October announcement that the annual affair would no longer take place over Memorial Day Weekend but instead from June 10-13, Mysteryland has perhaps made its boldest move yet: it has ditched the 21+ age restriction.

A move that departs from HARD Day of the Dead’s decision to increase its age limit from 18+ to 21+, Mysteryland USA is hopeful that the inclusion of millenials 19 years and older will heighten festival attendance. Despite this year’s success, contenders like EDC New York in particular detracted from Mysteryland’s potential to attract thousands more than it did in 2015.

Holy Ground campgrounds will continue to implement a 21+ age requirement, permitting younger attendees access only to the primary areas of the festival. Tickets will become available on Monday, November 9thhere.