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When something expands as quickly as the electronic dance music industry has, it can be difficult to keep up. Between thousands of track releases and tons of up and coming artists, finding those that speak to you on another level is no easy task.

On that note, the New York-based duo known as Lick Twist is one you should definitely keep an eye on.

Daniel and Jed have been making music together since they were in middle school, but only recently started releasing their work.

“We have actually been friends since kindergarten. We’ve been starting a ruckus ever since. Come early middle school, we were both twelve or so and music started to become more than a hobby. We both always had a passion for music, so we started from there. Every free night we had, we were making music together.”

Starting out as entirely self-taught dubstep producers in their early career and slowly working their way through other genres, the two found that having such an extended reach was incredibly beneficial. After producing tracks in varying genres, it all came down to making the kind of music that truly made them happy and that others could still connect to.

“For a long time we were in the trends. We learned not to follow them and to make music that consistently resonates. When we have a listener, every listener is obviously different, but the sound quality is always what comes first. From the moment a Lick Twist record starts we like for the atmosphere to kind of take over and for you to go into a new space and soundscape that you’ve never heard, but still sounds familiar enough to call home.”

Music aside, the up and coming duo brings a refreshing take on the ins and outs of working in the studio. While some might see going to the studio as just a days work, Daniel and Jed definitely bring things back to the heart and soul of music.

“When we’re working together on something it’s just the best feeling in the world. It’s where we belong, you know? We’re sitting in a studio together and there is no place that either of us would rather be. Music just makes us happy. Going into the studio and making a song thats a sad one where it makes you reminisce on a relationship or something is a great thing. Then to make a song that makes you feel happy and makes you want to jump is a whole other experience. To do that with you best friend—you can’t ask for anything better than that. We really push each other and influence each other.”

By writing all of their own lyrics to their tracks in addition to producing, the Lick Twist boys pour their hearts into what they do. With hopes to work with and produce for many major artists in the future, Daniel and Jed are well on their way to establishing their own brand that reaches from beyond the bounds of a single genre. According to them, the best way to do that is to not create in the wake of other people’s music.

“The one thing that I think is missing out there right now, which I tell Daniel all the time, is ‘soul’. A lot of people are hearing good music and making something similar but it’s not coming from a real place.”

The duo has certainly stayed true to their word when it comes to producing in different areas. From a melodic remix of Kap Slap’s “Rewind,” to an emotional track “Love Will” featuring Larry Edoff, to their latest track “Sylvester” which was created in a single night at their New York City studio, you will definitely find a sound that appeals to the masses.

Check out Lick Twist’s latest release “Sylvester” below!

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