Norwegian artist Moyka releases debut album, ‘The Revelations of Love’


Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer Moyka releases her debut album, The Revelations of Love, out now via Snafu Records.

Stream the album everywhere now here, including new single “When.” 

At its core, the project is a concept album that spans the course of a relationship, telling a story of love and loss and how they intertwine. With genuine vulnerability and searing emotions, Moyka reflects on the various paths love can take, backed by her trademark textured synths and electronically-infused beats. Follow the backstories behind the songs on the album in Moyka’s ‘Track by Track’ YouTube series here, which will lead to a full album documentary film slated for a release November 2.

On the album, Moyka notes, “The overall theme of the album is love. It starts with the discovery of a new romance, leading further into the different stages and situations you could be finding yourself in when experiencing feelings of love with someone as a young adult. I sing about falling in and out of love and the realization that sometimes it’s not the way you thought it would be.”

Moyka began unveiling her revelations to listeners with a string of early 2021 single releases, which saw love from Norway’s NRK P3, P1, P13, Sweden’s P3Germany’s Deutschlandfunk Nova, Detektor, Flux, puls, and CT as well as Top 10 on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday Norway.’ From the warm welcome of a new love on “Stay” to the cutting bitterness of heartbreak on “December (I Never Learn)” to the pain of moving forward on “I Don’t Wanna Hold On,” each track is a perfect snapshot that captures the complex emotions at each stage of love.

Her most recent single release, “Illusion,” extended this narrative with electro-pop melodies and atmospheric vocals, immersing listeners in the fantasy of falling in love amidst false pretenses. The dreamy single drew widespread coverage from outlets like BillboardEUPHORIA., and CelebMix.

Today, Moyka comes full circle with the release of The Revelations of Love and its lead single, “When.” The track layers ethereal melodies with the dark aura of heartbreak to implore the listener with the looming question: when is the right time to let go of a lost lover? In its entirety, The Revelations of Love effortlessly combines beginnings and endings, naivety and maturity, and hope and heartbreak, to paint a painfully realistic yet nuanced portrait of love. This poignant storytelling is what the world can expect from Moyka in the future as this album invites the listener into the universe of the self-proclaimed “pop witch.”

Moyka describes, “To me, love is the most important feeling of them all. It’s so existential ‘cause it’s what I think makes us human. Last year hit us so hard. I felt a lot of grief and sadness because of everything that happened in the world and in my life. As a person who feels a lot intensely, it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed by everything. One thing that kind of woke up the flame in me again, was music that reminded me there is hope to feel good again. To feel love again.”

Born in southern Norway, Moyka began songwriting at age 10 and later enrolled in a music production degree program in Bergen where she evolved into the artist she is today. Citing the forward-thinking electro-pop of artists like Röyksopp and Robyn as inspirations for her production style, Moyka released her debut EP Circles in 2019 and her sophomore EP Spaces in 2020. Partnered with Norwegian music collective Made alongside pop phenoms Sigrid and AURORA, Moyka is poised to become a mainstay in the global indie pop scene.

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